Keeping Things Fresh

Posted September 16, 2010
new spade.JPG

We purchased 2 new tree spades this month in preparation for the upcoming digging season. They are the latest and greatest in tree spade technology and will allow us to do more with less, provide our customers with better rootballs, and keep our fleet of equipment working tirelessly for us.
Before you purchase trees this year, ask yourself these questions about your tree supplier - Are they maintaining their inventory by spraying for pests, fertilizing, pruning and keeping the weeds under control, and is it being done properly? Are they keeping their inventory fresh by planting enough new liners each year to provide you with quality trees in years to come? Are they investing profits into their business by purchasing new equipment and maintaining their investment in their employees? If the answer to any of these questions is 'NO', you need to look at why you use them as a supplier.

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